Meiko M-iClean Double Hood Pass Through With Air Concept

$40,815.00 ex GST

GiO Reverse Osmosis Technology
Automatic hood
Easier to operate
Shorter wash cycles
Better indoor air quality
Optimum washing and drying results
505 mm clear passing height – perfect for larger items of washware

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When big isn’t big enough: The M-iClean HXL double hood type dishwashing machine manages more thanks to its two 500 x 500 mm racks. Thanks to the automatic hood, this is child’s play despite its size. This makes your work easier, shortens wash cycle times and achieves sparkling results,
and the passing height of 505 mm means that large and bulky washware can be easily handled. That is how the double hood type dishwashing machine gets pots, pans and trays sparkling clean in a hygienic way. The M-iClean HXL features a double hood and, yes, it’s heavy, but the machine makes such light work of moving it that you would never know. The M-iClean HXL knows all about time savings and efficiency, too.


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